Bau bangkai

(Please go to the “Spanish pianist Miguel Angel Barca performing “Everyday” by Carly Comando“)

I found this video here by accident while surfing The music was rather sad, it sounds like we are going through a lifetime of someone or something, from its birth, maturity and eventually its death. An obituary song it is. Though it reminds me most of my late grandfather, it also makes a “perfect” obituary song for the sick and dying UMNO. Read the rest of this entry »


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A Hindraf’s martyr?

Today we are going to the next phase of the racial politics in Malaysia. The death of A Kugan, a detainee in a police lock-up in Selangor has caused tensions among the Malaysian Indians. Though A Kugan was caught for car-theft, there is not a single provision both in the civil law as well as the syariah that allows any form of torcher of detainees, by looking at the gruesome pictures of the late A Kugan. (Click here to see for yourself, if you still want to believe that Kugan had a sudden death). This is zalim and not supposed to happened in a Muslim country of ours. Read the rest of this entry »

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Abdullah the Jinx

The defeatism in Umno went into a new height after its defeat to PAS in the Kuala T’ganu by-election yesterday. The once respected party that helped millions  (yes, millions) of Malaysians since the inception of this nation, is today the most disliked of all political parties in Malaysia. The lost in home ground perhaps sealed Umno’s fate forever as an elitist party that doesn’t want to listen to the ground. Even its candidate has to “act” in order to win- to smile more, to wear a sarong, to be more friendly und so weiter- because he isn’t in the first place. Munafik one might say, but I prefer not to give names as the guy already lost. So much money, time and energy were sacrificed by Umno to win this safe seat, yet they lose. Umno is clearly in disarray after this brusing battle, but if they realised it. Clearly, Umno is in a comatose. Breathing but useless. Read the rest of this entry »

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Truce of Gaza and Israel is a farce

The recent geopolitical developments in the Middle East have generated a lot of interest around the world. The Gaza seige as well as the killing spree of its citizens by the Israel Defence Force have invited both Israel’s condemnations and supports, that obviously skewed to the former. Read the rest of this entry »

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First thing to do after Pak Lah, Education.


It has been a cliché to talk about the importance of education. Since the day human-being created by Allah or it turns into humans through evolutionary pathways (whatever philosophical views you might subscribed to), agreeably human is the undisputed king of the world. It has done so not because of its sheer size but through its ability to think, that creates tools from his thoughts, using those tools to gather foods, journeyed to far-away lands using his tools and foods; and along the way, populated the mother earth while in search for something new. Read the rest of this entry »

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Splendid Tun Mahathir!

Pak Lah says you irrelevant yesterday, Today you are on TV1.
Great answers on all questions but Ahmad Talib gave him “weak” n not intense enough questions. The war tribunal on Israel n the boycott idea are well explained and I hope it will happen. Vive Tun Mahathir!

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Humanity died in Gaza.

We have seen how bad the situation is in Gaza right now. We know that hundreds are dead, while hundreds more are dying somewhere in this land with an outline of a “football field”.  The Zionist army has again re-entered Gaza, after approx. 3 years of the disengagement plan. Visiting pages of history, it was a unilateral plan to exit Gaza in 2005 by the now comatose Ariel Sharon, while tightening their grip of the Jerusalem. Read the rest of this entry »

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